Monday, December 15, 2008

Hey Troops - America F***s You!

The Department of Defense has a program named America Supports You. Created to reach out to deployed and previously deployed military, their site lists many charities who's mission is to help out our service members both home and abroad.


From Bloomberg:
ASY was established in 2004 and during the next three years received $9.2 million in government funding, according to the audit. Most of that money -- $8.8 million -- was spent on contracts with the Davis firm for public relations activities, the audit said.

Under those contracts, four senior program managers were paid annual salaries ranging from $312,821 to $662,691 in 2007, according to the audit.

I know government corruptness is nothing new, but this one makes my head want to explode with extra force! Our service members are working hard for this country -- in a combat zone -- the last thing they need is for our government to make a greedy joke out of a program designed to show them much deserved acknowledgement and support.

From personal experience I can say that it is difficult enough to gain donor trust and support without programs like this making everyone look suspicious.

Click here to read more on this heartwarming story of greed and bullshit.

Thanks for staying classy ASY!

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