Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I am all blocked up. Easy now -- I am not getting ready to dive into any big gastrointestinal confessions here about how I haven't dropped any kids off at the pool in a week. No -- the kids are good. I'm all stuffed up in my brain. Mental Constipation my friends. Firmly plugged. Ideas pop up, urge to write moves them along, but then when it is time for the final posting push, they sneak back up and disappear. No joy. Nothing post worthy. Just flush that crappy little literary nugget and walk away.

Ideas and thoughts are definitely roiling around in there, but it all gels together into one ugly unintelligible mass when I go to write. And at the worst of time as my information intake is actually on an uptake these days with my reading of pretty much anything I can get my hands on. So why isn't that bringing about boundless subjects for me to write about? Post something I feel good about? Why can't I get some of my creativity to look good? Why goddamnit - why?!

I have several half finished drafts of posts saved, and I can tell you with confidence that they all suck. There was the one where I talk about getting a horse. If only it didn't go off on such a tangent and brought my real curiosity and enthusiasm through.

There have been some news items that I would like to rant about, but then the arguments don't look so solid and scathing when I try to extract them from my gray matter. I have had a bunch of different 25 List Of Whatever spin off ideas but talk about one hit wonders. I don't want a blog full of lists like 25 Lessons I learned on Facebook (although I am convinced that would be a good one), 25 Reasons I Hate 25 Different Things, and 25 Randumb Thing About 25 People I know. Things could get pretty snore worthy if I go list loco.

I even thought about making fun of the Bacterial Stinkeye I picked up, but then lost my comedic oomph on that one too. I think it would have been funnier if I had taken a pic in the first days when it looked like a seepy, oozing, beet-red, half swollen shut dead eye. Bahahaha!

I am afraid I don't even have a smooth transition into the closing of this post. Damnit.