Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Get A Brian Morons - Go USA!

If you don't love this picture, then you my friend, do not love this country. Might as well put your shit in a shoebox now and get on the next plane to France.

This picture encompasses all of what is right and good about the USA. Well, not really, but it's funny as hell!

Let's start at the top, shall we?

White stars on blue do-rag is fabulous. I like to think this piece of patriotic headgear is covering a red stripe of faux-hawk to round out the theme. And if we look closely, our friend has a healthy amount of hair coming out the back there. I think I might have to call a Mullett Alert. The Go USA Mullet -- the ultimate in patriotism. It's one thing to die for your country. It's a whole different sacrifice to look like an idiot for life for it.

On the subject of hair: a moment of respect and deference for this man's Magnum PI would be nice of you.

Right now I am wishing that I was more of a sports buff so I could find some witticism about his shirt, but I got nothing. I do love the hint of the shed he is building to cover his tool we get under that shirt though. Niiice.

Now we come to the signage - it's just so perfect! Or purfect.

And hell yeah - GO USA! Who wouldn't want those morans to get a brain?

I encourage all of you to get out there and follow this man's lead -- show your nation something GO USA! about you!


journeyon65 said...

This is why I love you...your gift of finding a random picture and analyzing the shit out of it!

Daniella said...

And to think I was sort of getting on myself for being so boring by doing these

Perhaps Daniellaland should be dedicated to photographic interpretations.....

Sobrina Tung said...

At first when I looked at his shirt I thought it said "Candadians!" But it just says plain ol' Cardinals. I got nothin funny on that either. haha

P.s. my hair is doing the same frizzy alfalfa thing right now too. Let me find a way to remedy it and I'll get back to you!