Sunday, August 30, 2009

I Dreamed A Dream - A Nice One This Time

I dream a lot, and I remember many of my dreams in pretty vivid detail. Sometimes that is not always all that fun as many tend to be rather intense adventures into my subconscious that leave me wondering "what the hell?" in the morning.

Last night was different though. Last night was dreamy in every sense of the word -- ethereal, romantic, and exciting.

I dropped into Dreamland smack-dab in the middle of my aunt and uncle's pool yard. They had gone through what I would assume was a great expense to completely enclose their entire backyard. It looked wonderful! All the lush plants bordered and the roof had big sky lights that let in some of the evening light.

As I dove in, the water in their kidney shaped black-bottom pool was bathtub perfect. When I surfaced I found myself surrounded by people. Some were in the water with me and others were standing beyond in the patio area. Many people I know and like were there, but I was also aware that I didn't know everyone. Despite this though, I was completely comfortable. None of my social anxieties had leaked in to this night flight.

I was having a great time playing in the water and chatting with friends. I was also rocking this black one piece bathing suit. Every time I popped out of the water, I was once again amazed at the favors I was doing for this suit!

Me rockin the my dreams

And then it happened.

I am chatting away with someone, standing in the shallow end, when I become aware of someone waiting to get my attention. A man is standing over by the pool steps waiting to catch my eye. A hot man.

I finish my convo and wade over to where he stands looking down at me. He is tall, and dressed in a dark suit (I guess he wasn't planning on swimming). He compliments my swimming (you can't avoid awkward ice breakers party people -- not even in your best dreams). I see his cheesy remark and raise him by replying,

He rockin my my dream

"Well my ancestors are from Sicily - island people are good swimmers" Island people are good swimmers - nice Daniella. Yeah, that is what I said, I remember it crystal clear. Yikeys. He then told me he was from Italy (how convenient this dream is becoming!).

The whole time we are talking I feel this rush of excitement and attraction to my new pool pal. We have total dream chemistry.

Next thing I know I am taking his outstretched hand as he helps me out of the pool. We are standing pool side gazing at each other when he curls his forefinger under my chin and raises my mouth to his. It was a fabulous kiss of course....then I woke up. my dreams.

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