Monday, October 27, 2008

Huffy Baby Flopsweat

If you cracked me open right now like one of those German nesting dolls, I think you would find this punky little baby waiting in there to punch you with that balled up fist. Why? Quite simply: I failed. As you can tell by my inner brat, I am taking it really well.

I started a nonprofit to support deployed military last year and now I am faced with most probably having to dissolve it. We just can't take on any more debt, and I failed to effectively fund raise [my Kryptonite] from the get-go.

So, here I am......looking at debt and failure and feeling like a giant flopsweat.

Yes, I know I am supposed to view this as an opportunity for growth, see the lessons in the stumble and pull myself back up and try!

I am not there yet. For now, I am just going to sit here and sulk with my inner mental, baby arm cocked and ready for a swift right hook to the next person who tells me this is no big deal -- I did enough.

That is all best saved for everyone who ignored me when I tried to tell them how important this is, and how much these brave Americans need to be remembered and supported while they are serving us -- in a goddamned war!

Yep, I am definitely not there yet.

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