Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jesus Christ Quiz Score Report

Jesus fascinates me, so of course I am up for a quiz on Big J trivia.

Jesus Christ Quiz Score Report
Total number of Questions in JC Quiz : 14
Total number of Correct answers : 12
Your Score : 86% [Jesus Christ superstar scorer!]
Average Score for this quiz : 56%
Result : Pass [Yesssss!]
Number of People taking this quiz : 992
Number of People Passing this quiz : 748
Number of People failing this quiz : 244 [Jesus thinks these peeps are losers]
Maximum Score for this quiz : 100% [duh]

Let the record show that I scored 23% higher than the average and I am not even religious. That is awesome of me, and Jesus tells me so.

The link to the quiz is here


Freebird said...

I got the exact same score!

Rich said...

Post the whole quiz! So everyone can take it! I enjoyed the old layout, the new one shall grow on me. Never heard of "Turd In The Punchbowl" before....

Daniella said...

Freebird, I would have expected nothing less of you my Jesus loving friend.

Oops! Sorry Rich, I thought I had posted it. The link is on there now. Good luck -- post another comment and let me know how you did. : )

Rich said...

10 out of 14. Not too bad for not knowing the answers! :D Of course I always test well......