Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunshine Go Away Today!

The damn sun is making me feel guilty as hell today. I just want to vege in my sweats, spending the bulk of my day sitting on the couch doing my favorite tri-tasking of laptop whateves, reading, and watching junk TV.

Just like tea and snacks accompany this kind of day perfectly, the weather you need to top it all off has to be cold and overcast, preferably even rainy.

But no, despite my mad craving for a storm so I have the perfect excuse to stay in, it is sunny. Really sunny. 77 degrees. Damnit!

When you try to pull off this sort of day in Indian Summer weather, it isn't cozy, relaxing and mellow. It becomes the hermit like behavior of an agoraphobic tool.

I feel mocked. I feel like the sun is just blaring down judgment on me for not being outside right now. You know how holier than thou stars can be....

Alright, off I go -- gotta Google rain dances and turn this craptacularly bright day around!

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